Leash Reactivity 101

A  6-week class designed to help dogs that become overly stressed or excited when they are on leash, and may lunge, bark, and appear “aggressive” or threatening when they see other dogs or people*.

Join fellow dog owners in a supportive and controlled environment where you will:

  • learn why your dog is reactive 

  • develop a stronger working relationship with your dog

  • develop leash handling skills so you are well equipped to confidently deal with your dog’s real-life challenges

  • help your dog learn the life skills needed to navigate our human world, and exist comfortably in environments that previously provoked anxiety, heightened arousal levels and reactivity.


Fee: $250 includes

  • Required training tools (bait bag, clicker)

  • 6 weeks of instruction with experienced instructors

  • Access to Leash Reactivity 101 downloadable handouts


Location: El Dorado Pet Club Training Center, 4131 S. Shingle Rd., Shingle Springs

(next to post office)



  • Sundays, starting September 30 -  MANDATORY ORIENTATION 9:00am for both time slots

  • Following classes are 9:00am & 10:15am (select one when registering)

  • Orientation is for PEOPLE ONLY, NO DOGS

Payment information: 

  • $100 deposit is due at time of registration to hold your spot. Deposit is refundable up to 7 days before class. A small fee may be withheld (PayPal fee) if we need to refund your deposit.

  • You will receive deposit payment instructions in a confirmation email

  • Balance of class fee ($150) is due before or at Class 1 (payment instructions will be in confirmation email)

*This class is NOT appropriate for dogs that struggle with the following behaviors:

  • Dogs whose primary issue is guarding resources, such as food or toys.

  • Dogs that fight with other dogs in the household, but are fine with dogs outside the home.

  • Dogs that display aggression toward people inside their home, but are fine toward people when on leash and away from home.

  • Dogs that only exhibit aggression toward other dogs while OFF LEASH.

  • Dogs that are extremely aggressive toward people and/or have bitten people more than once.

  • Dogs that re-direct aggression toward their owners or have bitten their owners when becoming reactive on leash may need to start in private sessions before joining the class.


If you have questions about whether this is the right class for you and your dog, please contact me at 

415-819-9451, anna@annathedogtrainer.com.